Sony today unveiled its forgery-proof technology capable of detecting doctored images and digital signatures on important documents. Designed for its corporate customers, Sony’s detection technology protects against increasingly common unauthorised editing, forgery and misuse of digital photo data.

Upon photo capture, its in-camera signing feature encrypts a secure signature so that any fraudulent attempt to modify or tamper with the image will disable the email signature and be detected by the customer’s own certificate server during document inspection.

Available on the Alpha 7 IV camera, this new functionality streamlines the longer process from submission through to verification delivering high-speed processing and outstanding resolution.  

Sony’s new forgery-proof signing mode ensures the secure creation and transmission of images based on cryptographic methods, as the fundamental need for certifying unmodified and secure images grows in many applications, across multiple industries.  

This technology is most applicable for detecting manipulated images in passports and ID verification but can be leveraged in other sectors such as healthcare, law enforcement, insurance and construction. 

Matthew Swinney, Head of Image Sensing Solutions at Sony Europe, commented:  

“It is Sony’s mission to strengthen business solutions with cutting-edge imagery technology and our in-camera digital signing is a real game-changer for combatting image manipulation and forgery across multiple industries. Whilst appropriate adaptations for each industry need to be made, the digital signature is multilingual and can be used internationally, enabling organisations worldwide to streamline mandatory image signing with Sony technology.”

Currently compatible with the Alpha 7 IV, and subject to receipt of a license to enable Sony’s signing mode, this facility will be available for business users with plans for further model expansion to follow. In tandem, Sony will continue to examine how we can utilise our industry-leading imaging technology to further support enhanced security across multiple industries, with plans to expand the line-up of supported cameras hereafter.