SOFTwarfare, a leader in cybersecurity integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), has today launched BioThenticate to revolutionize the way that data and software applications are secured through multi-factor authentication (MFA).BioThenticate allows cybersecurity teams to add an additional layer of security for mobile and enterprise users when deemed appropriate to defend critical assets against cyber attacks.The dramatic shift to a remote workforce as a result of COVID-19 has increased the demand for enhanced identity and access management. BioThenticate changes the game for enterprises that are securing privileged accounts and enabling secure remote access. Through implementing Zero Trust security with continuous and escalated authentication, companies can embrace a passwordless future with peace of mind.BioThenticate leverages various biometric methods that can be implemented with today's smartphones, including high-speed Iris recognition, fingerprint scanning and facial recognition technology, to increase security and efficiency for critical data and software applications. This proprietary, best-in-class biometric software solution integrates seamlessly with currently deployed cybersecurity applications to ensure that users & valuable data are protected while enabling teams to focus on business goals.Biometrics offer a level of security far-superior to traditional password protection with unique, specific-to-the-individual metrics that cannot be replicated by outside threats, and BioThenticate is an easy-to-deploy solution for any organization looking to further safeguard their data and applications. This is especially true for companies looking to adopt a frictionless way to implement MFA in response to NIST 800-171, mandatory for DoD Contractors.