SmartMetric reports that final manufacturing of its Biometric Credit/Debit card has now commenced after being delayed due to supply line issues.After engineering changes, the company found that it was unable to complete manufacturing due to the effect on its supply chain from the Covid-19 outbreak. We are pleased to advise that all issues have been resolved and that final manufacturing with our upgrades for both contact and contactless biometric cards has now commenced.We are very thankful to our component suppliers who have worked diligently to overcome what has been a very difficult time. Based on information directly from our suppliers we are not expecting any further delays as we move forward.”It is expected that within the next 30 days our biometric credit/card will be in the hands of our partners who will be able to present our product to card issuing banks around the world,” said today SmartMetric's President and CEO, Chaya Hendrick.The SmartMetric biometric card is self-powered. That means that the card does not have to be inserted into a card reader for it to work. This feature allows the SmartMetric card to be used at all card payment situations including restaurants that take the card to the checkout to process the payment. The SmartMetric biometric credit/debit card will also work at ATM's including those that “swallow” the card during the ATM transaction.In order for the credit card user to use the new biometric card all they need do is simply register their fingerprint by touching the card's fingerprint sensor on the card's surface. Much like one would register a fingerprint on a mobile phone. Once registered the user's fingerprint is stored permanently inside the card's internal memory. Now only the registered card user is able to activate the card to make a transaction.