Secure Identity & Biometrics Association CEO Janice Kephart has called upon the Department of Homeland Security to deploy a full and robust biometric immigration exit system, saying a failure or delay to do so threatens national security.Speaking in testimony to the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Kephart noted that the Islamic State terrorist group has advised its followers to infiltrate the West using fake travel documents and names.”The only way for US border officials to have significant confidence in defeating ISIS and other terrorist and criminal organizations from coming and going through our ports without detection is by using biometrics,” said the former 9/11 Commission border counsel.She added that an increase in visa fees could enable biometric exit deployment, for at least major international border ports of entry.”Surely our security is equal in value to tourism,” said Kephart. “When one or more biometrics is added to the biographic border process, then the ability of a fake or manipulated real passport to successfully bypass a port of entry undetected becomes extremely difficult.”In January, A US$10 billion border security bill that requires the completion of a biometric entry/exit system for the United States was approved by the House Committee on Homeland Security, amid support from the International Biometrics and Identification Association (IBIA) and the Security Industry Association (SIA).