Image-based social network Shutterfly has settled a legal dispute over alleged privacy violations related to biometrics legislation.The Illinois case was matched by similar lawsuits that have been launched against Facebook and other companies that use facial recognition software.Illinois resident Brian Norberg alleged in the suit, which sought class-action status, that his face ended up in Shutterfly's database after a friend uploaded and tagged a photo of him in February 2015. Shutterfly measured the contours of his face and the distance between his eyes, nose and ears to create a template it used to suggest other photos of Norberg be tagged with his name, the suit said, alleging that Shutterfly had violated Norberg's rights under the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act.But both parties moved Tuesday to dismiss the case, which had yet to be certified as a class, after reaching an undisclosed settlement.In February, Shutterfly again asked an Illinois court to dismiss the privacy suit. The move followed a successful effort by Facebook to have a similar lawsuit dismissed in the state in January. In that class action suit, Facebook had moved to dismiss the case for lack of personal jurisdiction.