Washington-based Passenger biometric recognition tech firm Securiport has announced a partnership with a major country in Africa that will see it improve aviation security and immigration at its international airport.In a statement, Securiport confirmed that the agreement was signed on 17 December between the country's government and the Vice President of Securiport, George Canovas.”This partnership will allow [for] improvements in airport security [within the International Airport], [and will provide benefits] for both tourists and passengers in general,” said a spokesperson for the African country.Securiport will provide the government with advanced tools with which to strengthen the security and border capabilities, especially those within the International Airport, the company said in a statement”Our IICS [Integrated Immigration Control System] utilizes advanced biometric identification systems and provides proprietary intelligent information used to identify potential security risks and criminal activity, which improves the effectiveness of border management,” says George Canovas, Vice President of Securiport.”The CAISS provides governments, airport security and immigration officials with a comprehensive set of traveler data and information that can be used to cross-match immigration databases to uncover patterns and identify security risks, such as passengers traveling with fake or stolen documents.”