Secunet, as a subcontractor to ARH Inc., will deliver 14 secunet easygates to Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest and Debrecen International Airport. The project is financed by the Home Affairs Fund of the European Union. ARH is the prime contractor for the delivery and installation of the Automated Border Control gates (eGates). The eGates – featuring sophisticated document authentication and biometric verification – will be installed at both arrival and departure. They will significantly improve border control given the steady increase of travellers at Hungary's busiest airports. secunet easygates are part of the secunet border gearsproduct portfolio and guarantee an efficient, highly secure and future-proof border control solution.The ABC solution comprises the Combo Smart reader by ARH for optical and electronic document reading and authentication, the biometric unit to perform facial recognition as well as the central server system infrastructure – secunet easyserver – that offers the capability to connect to police background systems. secunet further provides the monitoring application that allows the border police to monitor multiple eGates.