Samsung has filed a patent for a fingerprint scanning concept that would see users authenticate themselves without touching a sensor.In the patent, the technology works by using a camera on the front of a device. The camera automatically manipulates its focus until it gets just the right fix on the fingerprint image.While contactless fingerprint technology has been adopted by customers who need to handle high throughput, for example at airports, it is yet to be implemented on devices.The patent states that this technique could save on hardware costs:”When the user uses a contact fingerprint recognition system that uses the dedicated sensor, additional expense is necessary for providing the dedicated sensor to a mobile terminal, and fingerprint recognition performance may be influenced by various factors, such as the dryness of a user's hand or distortion of a fingerprint pattern according to a force applied to the dedicated sensor when a fingerprint image is acquired.”To overcome the problems associated with scanning a fingerprint without a sensor, the system would use a guide screen for recognizing the contactless fingerprint on a display. This way the user can help the camera find an appropriate image, and software can determine whether the received input image is suitable for fingerprint recognition.”After adjusting the focus, the electronic device determines that an input image received by the camera is suitable for the fingerprint recognition and performs the fingerprint recognition on the image.If the electronic device determines that the input image received by the camera is not suitable for the fingerprint recognition, the electronic device repeats the process described above to receive an input image by which the fingerprint recognition may be more accurately performed, through the camera.”