The Bank of Russia has unveiled a system that will collect biometric data on commercial banks' customers and use it to authenticate their transactions.Russian citizens can submit biometric data on their facial images and their voices by attending authorised banks in person, the central bank said in a press release written in Russian and released on June 29.The service was made available from June 30 at more than 400 bank premises in 140 Russian cities.The Unified Biometrics System uses two parameters for identification: voice profile and a photo, which allows a drastic increase of the accuracy of recognition. The system has defense mechanisms that deny authentication in case of a low match score against the original biometric data stored in the unified system. The digital platform is located in the secure cloud infrastructure of Rostelecom, which banks can access via special communication channel. Rostelecom is developing a mobile app for that purpose.The Central Bank of Russia will make the full list of the banks that will use the unified system.