RSA (@RSAsecurity), a global cybersecurity leader delivering Business-Driven Security solutions to help organizations manage digital risk, announces the availability of RSA SecurID Access offerings that are designed to support organizations struggling to protect and optimize their workforces in this challenging environment. The new solutions broaden protection and reduce friction for both administrators and users, particularly as organizations tap into the benefits of the cloud for remote workers.”While interest in transitioning security management technologies to cloud environments has steadily increased over the past few years, the global pandemic has dramatically accelerated adoption plans,” noted Steve Brasen, Research Director with Enterprise Management Associates. “Organizations are particularly feeling the urgency with enabling cloud-hosted solutions supporting identity and access management (IAM). With applications, data, and IT services broadly distributed across business networks and public cloud environments, organizations require unified solutions to centrally and consistently manage access to critical resources. RSA's SecurID Access hybrid platform successfully meets modern and emerging requirements for minimizing IAM management efforts while enhancing security effectiveness.”To survive and thrive in the current environment, organizations are seeking solutions that optimize processes by using cloud applications. However, a proactive approach to digital risk is required to ensure successful adoption. RSA SecurID Access minimizes identity risk with a unique hybrid model that now integrates all of the on-premises and cloud components into a unified solution, making it faster and easier for on-prem customers to connect to the cloud. This approach also protects SaaS and legacy applications, across public clouds and private networks, while providing a consistent user experience.For customers already embracing the advantages of the cloud, RSA SecurID Access provides an additional layer of protection and availability with its new Failover Node Service. If access to the cloud service slows or becomes unavailable, the on-prem component of RSA SecurID Access takes over authentication requests. This high-availability innovation provides 24×7 authentication and protection, reducing risk and instilling confidence to accelerate cloud adoption.