Romania is to start issuing electronic ID cards in August 2021 to align with the standards set at the European Union level. Romania's current ID card was introduced in 1997.A draft Government Ordinance amending and supplementing certain normative acts, which provides for the issuance of electronic identity documents starting with August 2021, was put up for public debate by the Romanian Interior Ministry (MAI), reports Romanian Insider."The ensure the Romanian citizens' right to free movement on the territory of the Member States of the European Union, under conditions similar to the other EU citizens, Romania is obliged to issue electronic identity documents, starting from August next year (2021)," MAI said in a press release.The new ID cards will be smaller than the current ones and will include a photo and two fingerprints of the cardholder, stored in a digital format, on a contactless chip, according to local Digi24. Moreover, under the new rules, the Romanian citizens will have to register for an ID card at the age of 12 (at present, a citizen's first ID card is issued at the age of 14).With this new identity card, the Romanian citizens will be able, no matter where they are (in Romania or outside the national territory), to interact online with the public administration authorities, MAI said. In addition, holders of the new ID card will be able to use it to log into the healthcare system.Those who don't want an electronic ID card will have the possibility to opt for a simple one that will not contain electronic elements or data, but will have a high degree of security, according to the ministry. However, Catalin Giulescu, head of the Directorate for Population Records, told Digi24 that such an identity document would not allow travel abroad or within the EU