Security Document World talks with Roman Vanek, Chief Division Identity Documents and Special Tasks – ICAO PKD Chairman, Federal Office of Police, Switzerland.Roman Vanek is a speaker at SDW 2015.What will your presentation be covering at this year's SDW 2015 event? My presentation will inform the audience about new services provided by the ICAO PKD. Since participation is growing over the years we needed to make changes in the organization and offer new services to users, which will allow them make best use of eMRTDs. We also have a new service provider from 2016 and I would like to inform about the impact that this will have on todays and possible future participants.Why do you think this is an important topic?A lot of money has been invested in eMRTDs. My presentation will draw the attention to the ICAO PKD and show howIf there is one thing you would like our attendees to take away from your presentation, what would that be?In order to fully use the potential of eMRTDs border control agencies must have access to the certificates needed to authenticate eMRTDs. By using the potential of eMRTDs at their full extend, borders will be made more secure while at the same time border crossings may be facilitated. The ICAO PKD is a tool for doing this.What do you envisage the burning topics being in your field over the next 12 months?Finding the right balance between facilitation of border crossing of the bona fide travellers, ie, by offering the use of ABC-Gates, while at the same time mitigating threats and risks we are facing today.