The User Audit report into Australia’s myGov system reveals disparities in different digital services and login authentication between myGov and other government systems.

It also undermines the recent costs of redesigning myGov and launching a smartphone app while different services harness unique login actions, control their own identity

While the report’s engagement with user focus groups highlighted the main access point to government services overall performed well, it cited a 2022 PWC Citizen survey which found that 46% of participants attributed confusion around accessing services to an increased volume of digital channels.

Action: The report advises that the government provide a common service delivery.

Users of multiple agencies have to submit the same cumbersome information.

The lack of digital identity providers onboarded to the Australian Government Identity System also limits who can get a ‘strong’ digital identity so this number is significantly lower than the number of myGov users.

Further, inadequate privacy protections for personal data stored in myGov is lagging behind the advancements and use cases of digital ID and the report recommends further work in myGov and its member services to track and make a record of end to end user experience across the digital services ecosystem.