Participating public authorities in the government’s OneLogin program will need to be able to share several types of government-held personal data with the identity verification service, to allow users to prove confirm their identity.

To support the identity verification system, the UK Government is planning to enact a new objective under the Digital Economy Act 2017 which will enable data to be leveraged by all government services using OneLogin.

The data sharing legislation is subject of a consultation between public authorities in  England, Scotland, Wales being held from 4 January 2023 to 1 March 2023.

The UK Cabinet Office will fully launch the OneLogin program this year allowing users to authenticate into government services using a single reusable. In $400 million project, 190 sign-in logins and 43 separate system will be refined and merged.

The DCMS is also developing a UK trust framework, which sets out security standards to regulate digital identity products and services.

OneLogin is a central government sign-in system which is leveraged by specific departments including the Department for Transport which holds driving license data, and The Disclosure and Barring Service with a storage of personal data used to recruit staffers in government.