RBS has begun the roll-out of a new biometric payment system using a fingerprint sensor on a key fob.Working alongside VISA and German firm, Giesecke and Devrient Mobile Security, customers will be able to use a biometric finger scanner to make contactless payments without the need for a smartphone or bank card.Initially, the bank revealed, some 250 customers will be given access to the new biometric tech, and trials will be conducted over the next three months.Customers can instantly pay up to £100 with the device – a marked increase on the previous contactless payment limit of £30.Previously, RBS has trialled biometric bank cards that enabled customers to confirm purchases using fingerprints, and long-term, the bank hopes the new payment fob will improve security and simplify payments.If a customer's fob is lost or stolen, it cannot be used by anyone other than themselves for contactless transactions.David Crawford, head of Royal Bank Effortless Payments, commented: “After the successful pilot of our biometric debit card we are looking at how we can further develop the technology and push the boundaries to integrate it into our customers' everyday lives.”