China-based camera module supplier Q Technology has secured orders from two leading Chinese smartphone brands with respect to the supply of approximately 500,000 units of fingerprint recognition modules.In a statement, the group said the two customers are both among the top 10 leading Chinese smartphone branded manufacturers and have a deep impact on end customers in China and around the globe.”The approval from the two customers and the cooperation on substantial projects has demonstrated Q Technology possesses strong R&D, manufacturing and service capabilities”, wrote Q Tech.He Ningning, Chairman of the Group, stated, “It is such an honour for Q Technology to become suppliers for both camera and fingerprint recognition modules for the two leading smartphone brands manufacturers at the same time. We are very grateful for our customers' partnership and trust.”The new orders mean that Q Technology has officially entered into the field of fingerprint recognition, and has made further progress in terms of biometric recognition.”The firm added in its press statement that Q Tech is not only one of the four fingerprint recognition module suppliers worldwide verified by Fingerprint Cards, but that it has also has established comprehensive cooperation with other major fingerprint recognition sensor providers.