Investment company, Pure M Global, chooses ID verification service provider, iDenfy, to comply with KYC & AML regulations.

Convenient as it is, living in the digital world has its flaws. Cyber security, for one, is now more crucial than ever – both to meet regulations and protect against fraudulent actors.

Data security was the number one priority for Pure M Global, a group of companies working in the forex, crypto exchange, and investment industry. It recognized the importance of safety and security in cyberspace, which has led the platform to seek a partner that could assist the company in this regard. 

Joining forces with iDenfy, a company offering a safe and reliable identity verification method, proved to be sufficient – both companies share the priority of safety and security for their clients, and the customer onboarding process is now more secure and faster than ever.

Due to the partnership, the clients of Pure M Global can now feel safe in their transactions and enjoy efficient and reliable services. The company prides itself in a new way of trading, outlined by low market spreads and no requotes, real Straight Through Processing (STP) and Direct Market Access (DMA). In addition, the company will also be provided with a reliable method to perform CDD, resulting in enchanted detection and prevention of fraud.

“We are glad to have chosen iDenfy as our partner. Using their system made customer onboarding faster and more reliable. With fraud prevalent as it is, having an extra layer of protection is also crucial. And iDenfy has proven that it can deliver what we seek for and more,” said the CEO of Pure M Global.

“We look forward to working with Pure M Global that is maintaining high internal and external compliance standards, regardless of any outside regulators. Taking an extra step for safety and security is something we share. Thus, working together will be a delightful experience for both of us. We will do our best to keep Pure M Global and their clients satisfied,” said Domantas Ciulde, CEO of iDenfy.