Polish bank PKO BP has developed a multi-modal biometric system with Gdańsk University of Technology that uses numerous attributes for authentication.PKO BP deputy president responsible for IT issues, Piotr Alicki, told a press conference on Tuesday that the system authenticates data from the holder's cardiovascular system, face shape, voice recognition and the signature made by a biometric pen.”It is necessary to raise the level of banking security, so that it is more user-friendly and available”, a statement from the bank reads. “This is why we have gone for biometrics, although in a new meaning of the word. What we have here is a multi-modal biometric system”, said Alicki, reported Radio Poland.He said that while the central element is a biometric pen, that a camera, cardiovascular finger scanner and microphones will also play a role.”If we include all four modalities then we can be sure that the bank clerk is actually with the right client”, professor Andrzej Czyżewski from the Polytechnic of Gdańsk said.The project is still in a research project, “and not yet up and running”, Witold Sudomir, PKO BP's director responsible for the project, said. The consortium is now conducting research involving over 10,000 customers and 60 bank outlets. Live tests are expected to take place in 2016. The budget for the project is PLN 9.82 million (US$2.7 million), with PLN 3.63 million coming in the form of a subsidy from the National Research and Development Centre (NCBiR).