Senior officials from the Philippines have said that a national biometric ID will ease the delivery of social services.Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno said that the national ID will replace all government-issued IDs, with the exception of a citizen's drivers' license and passport.An executive order is being drafted for the national ID, which will be issued to all 105 million Filipinos "within two years of the enactment of the proposal," he said.The free national identification cards will contain a Filipino citizen's biometric data and anyone over the age of 18 is obligated to obtain one. It will be issued at birth and will be renewable once a citizen turns 18.Diokno said the official launch of the ID will prioritize senior citizens and the 5 million Filipinos living under the poverty line.The House Committee on Population and Family Relations approved the bill for a national ID system on May 10th. The so-called Filipino Identification Act was approved by the entire committee. They sought to unify the many government-issued IDs into a single national ID.