Panasonic has launched HD-enabled smart surveillance cameras featuring embedded facial recognition capabilities.The company says its i-Pro SmartHD CCTV camera products are sensitive to changing dynamics in the environment, with features such as auto tracking and scene change detection, which detect abnormal situations and scrutinize suspicious movement without human monitoring and immediately notify the control center.It has also installed facial-recognition analytics software in these products, which will perform face matching and searching functions. Moreover, these devices can be remotely monitored on smartphones and tablets via the Panasonic Security Viewer app available on both Android and iOS.The tech firm has developed a WV-ASF900 FacePro Facial Search and Recognition System which the company says can conduct real-time face matching capable of supporting up to 20 cameras per server.FacePro can execute high-speed searches of up to 5,000 “known” registered faces on both live and recorded video, according to Panasonic.