Our Start-up Village is an important section of the conference which ensures a balance is struck between engaging the industry about the state of identity and creating viable routes for new companies to reach the marketplace.

2023 is already exceeding estimations. We announced in late 2022 that the event will be relocated to Amsterdam. Amongst our frequent attendees, we assessed a need and interest to move the conference to a more accessible location, which fits our growing needs. We event is bigger than ever – we hope you can join us at this new and improved venue!

A brand-new vast expo floor and modern stages will elevate our discussions and demos by our exhibitors. However at our core, we’re still focused on bringing together the most qualified identity experts in the industry which have a significant bearing on identity innovation.

Whether you’re a startup founder, enterprise looking to align with organisation strategies for digital identity, or vice versa looking to fulfil a tender with the best-in-class technology provider, Identity Week Europe fulfils expectations for all attendees.

Practical networking that leads to new partnerships, tenders, and deployments is our goal and renewed promise in 2023!

Meet people who would not normally be in your orbit and get new calls in your calendar.

Here’s a sneak preview of how our 2023 Identity Week Europe show is shaping up! 

Vendors include: iProov, IDEMIA, Muhlbauer, AU10TIX, Aware, Entrust, Cetis, FacePhi, Infineon, QOMPLX, OVD Kinegram, Thales, TECH5, Covestro, Melzer, Regula, Aratek and so many more.

See the full list here: https://www.terrapinn.com/exhibition/identity-week/sponsors.stm

Organisations include: Ofcom, Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV), Finnish Immigration Service, IATA, Salesforce, Ministry of Justice Netherlands, AVPA, HM Passport Office, , Ministry of Justice and Security, Netherlands Government, European Commission, Women in Identity, United Nations, Netherlands Ministry of the Interior, Open Identity Exchange, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), MOSIP, Document and Identity Investigation Office, Ministry of Justice and Security, Netherlands Government, National Office for Identity Data, European Parliament. 

The first 100 speakers will be announced next week!

Startups include: 

KYC Spider – digitising and automating Compliance

DuckDuckGoose – deepfake detection

DigiRoad (formerly NewBridge Technologies) – identification infrastructure of new generation

IAMX – the first Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) solution provider to incentivise consumer activity and comply with the strictest security standards

PresentID – a seamless remote user ID verification solution through the combination of technologies developed in-house including ID Card OCR capture

walt.ID – web3 identity, self-sovereign identity (SSI) and NFT infrastructure for developers

Mark ID – complete identity and document verification solutions for user onboarding.

My Voice AI – speaker verification, anti spoofing, digit verification and emotion, gender and age detection

Mintelium – A mobile data bank that stores workers’ sensitive information privately and securely while granting organizations temporary access with the worker maintaining complete control and ownership of it.

Blue Biometrics – Contactless fingerprint scanner for law enforcement, financial services, digital identity

Clustdoc – Client Onboarding Software for Businesses

KYC Hub – end-to-end customer onboarding and screening platform

Truvity – next-generation digital trust management platform

brighter AI – The world’s #1 image and video anonymization

Do you have a story to tell, or insights to share with the industry’s most important decision-makers?

Join our line-up of leading identity experts from 13-14 June in Amsterdam for Identity Week Europe 2023. 

Open to industry experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, universities, R&D centres, associations and organisations — share your powerful ideas, case studies and innovative initiatives with the most influential members of the identity community.

Join our line-up of leading identity experts from 7 – 8 November in Singapore for Identity Week Asia 2023. 

Join our line-up of leading identity experts from Oct 3 – 4 at Identity Week America 2023.