Sensor and analytics firm Olea Sensor Networks has released a new authentication tech which the company say has the ability to accurately and continuously identify individuals with precision comparable to existing biometric authentication systems.Known as HeartSignature, the solution works by authenticating a user's “heart pattern”, which is then read by Olea's proprietary OS-3001 platform sensors and sensor algorithms.”Olea's HeartSignature is unique among today's authentication technologies in its ability to continuously authenticate a user and will revolutionize the way the world views and deploys security systems,” explained Frank Morese, Olea CEO and Founder.He added that the Olea HeartSignature builds on the capabilities of the firm's advanced intelligent IoT sensor platform and IoT intelligent partitioning architecture.”By eliminating interruptions and “time-outs” and the need for passcodes. HeartSignture is of particular interest to most high-security, consumer, government and commercial markets including banking, security systems, insurance, automotive and consumer products such as personal computers and cell phones.”