Olcsan and EyeVerify have announced a multi-year licensing and marketing agreement that makes Olcsan the exclusive re-seller and distributor for EyeVerify's Eyeprint ID in Turkey.In a statement, Olcsan said it will use its experience in biometrics and related technology projects to market and deliver Eyeprint authentication across a broad range of use cases and market sectors.According to EyeVerify CEO Toby Rush, “We're pleased to partner with Olcsan on both the technical and business aspects of delivering biometric solutions to Olcsan's customers. Their expertise in implementation across numerous vertical markets will be invaluable in generating marketing adoption for Eyeprint ID.”Olcsan's CEO Burak Sondal added, “Working with EyeVerify on their patented Eyeprint ID technology was a breeze. Together with EyeVerify we plan to expand our biometric offerings into the mobile space and continue to offer innovative solutions for our clients.”Olcsan and EyeVerify finalized their agreement earlier this year and have been cooperating on product and solution development for several months. With today's announcement they also unveil their first joint customer project with Vodafone Turkey. Vodafone's mobile wallet application Vodafone Cep C├╝zdan now enables customers to enroll their eyes once and later login to the application password-free.