Voice biometrics firm Nuance has recommended that its modality be used by the Australian government for a planned real-time payments platform.Nuance is referring to a Reserve Bank of Australia initiative to establish a payments platform that uses only the recipient's email address or mobile phone number.Robert Schwarz, Australia and New Zealand managing director for speech software firm Nuance, told ZDNet there is an important place for voice biometrics to curb the influx of fraud that could emerge in an instant payments environment.”In the UK – while banks don't necessarily like to talk about it – what they started to see was an increased rate of account takeover,” he explained. “If I can take over someone's account I only need five minutes now to be able to transfer money and have that money instantaneously in another account somewhere else where somebody can't get access to it.”Schwarz explained that previously, banks had some time to uncover fraud and stop the transaction from happening.”When you move to these instantaneous settlement processes, they don't have that time. So stopping fraud and unauthorised transactions upfront is going to be really important to banks,” he added.”Implementing voice biometrics is a much more secure method of identifying and authenticating the user or the account owner, and is certainly going to help mitigating more of that fraud as these new systems come in.”The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ), in partnership with Nuance, announced earlier this month it would be introducing voice biometrics to its mobile banking in a bid to improve security on high value transactions.