Iris-based identity authentication solutions firm EyeLock have released test results from a study they commissioned by Novetta, an analytics technology and independent biometric testing firm.In the key results, EyeLock says its EyeLock's EN2 module matching results meet or exceed competing iris authentication solutions with similar form factors.Its algorithm performance for enrollment speed and matching capability compare favorably to other commercially available offerings.While the EN2 module surpasses a 1 in 1.5 million transactional False Match Rate for a single iris, it also achieved less than 1% False Reject Rate for a single iris.”EyeLock has attracted top tier talent and built a team that has established a reputation for delivering unmatched speed, accuracy and ability to authenticate at distances that exceed traditional market standards,” said Jim Demitrieus, EyeLock's CEO. “Novetta's test results affirm EyeLock's position as a market leader with strong competitive advantages that enable winning results.””Novetta tested the EyeLock EN2 module utilizing our biometric performance testing methodology to deliver statistical and observational results. Our test concludes that the EyeLock EN2 compares favorably among low cost and/or small form factor iris recognition solutions in terms of accuracy and usability,” said Michael Thieme, VP of Identity Intelligence, Novetta. “We view this as a significant technological breakthrough. The biometric sector is at an inflection point and we see a dramatic increase in utilization of biometric technologies, including iris authentication, in the near term. EyeLock's test results are indicative of the level of technical innovation taking place in the industry at large, driving biometric adoption across applications, devices and infrastructure.”