iDenfy, the global fraud prevention platform, announced its partnership with Notaries At Large, a business that verifies the identity of individuals signing legally binding documents for outside parties. iDenfy will add an extra layer of security to its partners’ services with its digital identity verification.

Notaries protect the public against identity theft. Despite that, practice shows a slightly different reality where con artists succeed at committing multiple crimes. Identity Theft Resource Center’s 2021 annual data breach report has set a new record for compromised identities, showing a 23% increase compared to the year before in various sectors. This goes to show the importance of security measures. According to Notaries At Large, the e-Notary solution with over 20 years of experience, the first step to battle falsified identities is to be aware of the threats. The company searched for extra fraud prevention services and chose iDenfy’s identity verification.

Notaries At Large ensures that all signatures are adequately secured and that their clients sign the documents safely, with full knowledge and intent. As per the e-notary, their digital signature is often the only acceptable verification of the intent of a signer. That’s why Notaries At Large feels responsible for providing secure service, explaining that documents can impact lives and financial decisions.

iDenfy understands the importance of security and its partner’s role in the virtual business environment. The fraud prevention specialists provide automated identity verification service and the needed confidence to their partner, ensuring that the person signing the document

is who they say they are. According to iDenfy, its verification solution improves operational efficiency without increasing investment in infrastructure.

With the help of artificial intelligence, iDenfy’s full-stack identity verification is completed in less than a minute. The procedure ensures compliance with multiple global regulatory frameworks. According to Notaries At Large, iDenfy’s biometric confirmation and ability to validate IDs online made it possible for them to perform an online notarization since the pandemic made in-person meetings such a high-risk endeavor.

“We’re excited to start a new chapter with iDenfy. We’ve looked for low-friction engagement mechanisms that are safe and user-friendly. At the moment, our signing process is completely fraud-proof. iDenfy helped us ensure that the identity recognition process would be exceptionally smooth.” – expressed Juanita M. Little-Lyons, the owner of Notaries At Large.

Domantas Ciulde, the CEO of iDenfy, commented, “When criminals gain access to personal information, the consequences can be devastating. I’m glad that our partner prioritizes ensuring that all of the clients’ data is protected by a multi-layer security system and that we can contribute to it with our secure identity verification software.”