Norway's Next Biometrics plans to showcase its NEXUS Smartphone design with a full-size fingerprint sensor of 12×17 millimeters on the back of the smartphone, at an upcoming exhibition.NEXT will be revealing the NEXUS Smartphone design at Cartes 2015 in Paris next week, an event dedicated to secure solutions for payments and mobility.NEXT CEO Tore Etholm-Idsoe said, “At Cartes we will be showing our sensors integrated in products targeting payments, governmental markets and other higher-end, quality critical applications. Included here will be a NEXUS Smartphone reference design in which we have integrated a full size sensor (12 by 17 mm) in the back of the phone. This facilitates secure and convenient use for close to a 100% of a population meeting the requirements of customers and applications that cannot allow simple pin-code or password based authentication as a back-up to the sensor.”Radek Matyasek, NEXT's Vice President EMEA Sales, said, “Several NEXT-enabled programs are in active development using our sensors. At Cartes we will also be demonstrating a new 'NEXT-enabled' product designed by a customer, targeting secure payment transactions.”Last month, NEXT attracted some 120 million Norwegian crowns in ($14.78 million) investment from Greenbridge Partners, a firm founded by Swedish investors Melker Schorling and Ola Rollen.The company plans to use proceeds from the private placement to finance its business plan and commercialisation of company's products.