Norway's NEXT Biometrics has reported a net loss of US$2.4 million for the first quarter, representing a marginal year-on-year rise from last year's figure of US$1.8 million for the same period.However, the firm also noted that it shipped 52,000 fingerprint sensor units in the first quarter, raising US$300,000 in revenue – a 100% rise on the same quarter last year.In a statement, NEXT Biometrics also noted that the first quarter had seen it receive an order for 100,000 fingerprint sensor units in the SmartHome segment. A customer also increased volume estimates by a minimum of 200,000 units and the organization expanded by 13 people to a total of 52 employees.NEXT Biometrics CEO Tore Etholm-Idsøe commented, “The NEXT first quarter focus has been to replace the first market generic product with six new module series designed to meet all requirements of the targeted mass markets. Based on these new modules more than 160 customer leads have now been generated. To support these activities, NEXT has expanded its organization from 39 to 52 employees. Several key hires have been made, including VP of Operations and Asia Sales, Mr. Campbell Kan, the former ACER President PC Global Operations.”Ehtolm-Idsoe added, “In a massive sized third party comparative test of NEXT active thermal principle fingerprint sensors versus 2 market-leading capacitive sensors, NEXT technology has been proven to perform in line with same size, significantly more expensive, competitors and also critically superior to competitors' small sized, and still more expensive, alternatives.”