New Imaging Technologies, a French company specialized in advanced High Dynamic Range Vision CMOS sensors, and Innovatrics, a supplier of biometric solutions, have recently partnered. The firms have teamed up to build up robust turnkey solutions, hardware and software, for face recognition and fingerprint matching.The first solution, coming in the second quarter of the year, will address mainly the face recognition area, where the hardware part will be based on High Dynamic Range sensors from NIT, overcoming the current limitation of conventional face recognition systems in dealing with light variations in outdoor conditions. IFace, the latest facial biometric software solution from Innovatrics, will be combined with this hardware providing a plug and play system for OEM or evaluation purpose. IFace has been previously integrated into several AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) deployments and performs astonishing accuracy and high overall matching speed, thanks to a deep-neural networks core.This joint development will include a state of the art 3D anti-spoofing feature, recently popularized by consumer devices.”We are proud to co-work with an industry leader on biometrics technology. We have recently seen a rise of market demands, both on the consumer and professional side, for robust face recognition solutions. Most of the time, the identification failure is caused by image quality degradation. Images are lacking useful information, especially under uncontrolled lighting situations as it can occur in a day to day life. Having a combination of our HDR sensors and fast-accurate algorithms will be a clear answer to these situations”, Yang Ni – NIT, Founder/CTO “Over the past decade, we have supported our partners by providing small-footprint SDKs with high performance and great portability to virtually any platform. We are very pleased to partner with New Imaging Technologies. This is another important step in our strategy to deliver industry-leading biometric technology, including embedded solutions, to customers and partners around the world.”, Jan Lunter – Innovatrics, CEOThe second focus of this partnership will be set on the fingerprint sensors and matching algorithms.The patented optical fingerprint sensor design from NIT, including under-glass model, will be integrated with Innovatrics matching algorithm, which was ranked first in accuracy in the recently published results of the Proprietary Fingerprint Template Evaluation II (PFT II).The first fully integrated standalone platform, including hardware & software, will be available around Q3 / Q4 2018.Through this partnership, NIT and Innovatrics are bringing a solution to fulfill the needs for embedded biometrics in emerging markets, like IoT, as well as more mature but growing markets such as mobile devices.