Dealing with authorities can be time consuming. Some interactions are avoidable – at least when it comes to the new driver’s license.

According to the EU Directive, all driving licences issued before 19 January 2013 must now be replaced for a new, temporary EU card driving licence by 2033 at the latest.

For the application at the driving licence office, a valid ID (identity card or passport), the old driving licence and a current biometric passport photo are required.

The second course to the office, on the other hand, can generally be omitted; most authorities allow the driver’s license to be sent directly to your home after it has been produced at the Bundesdruckerei.

Roland Heise, head of the responsible business unit at Bundesdruckerei GmbH said: “More and more applicants are saving themselves the second administrative visit to pick up and have their new driving licence sent home”.

“We send around 35% of the driving licences produced by us directly to the citizens instead of to the authorities”.

Within two weeks, Bundesdruckerei produces the driving licence and sends the card to the holder. This convenient service has been around since 2003. It is therefore worthwhile to ask the authority at the first appointment whether they offer direct shipping.

Since the introduction of the card driving licence in 1999, the driving licences have been produced centrally in Berlin by Bundesdruckerei GmbH. More than 65 million card driving licences have already been ordered by the approximately 570 German driving licence authorities and produced by Bundesdruckerei.