‘Knowing Your Customer’ (KYC) as they age is an increasing challenge facing the identity industry. As fingerprints fade during the ageing process, fingerprint biometrics is becoming less useful in confirming someone’s identity.

NADRA says it has found the resolution to this problem among elderly people with the launch of the “Tasdeeq service” which offers over 60s a simpler method of verification.

Some banks will honour the service and ask security questions to confirm customers’ identity as opposed to using biometric technology which is proven to be less effective in screening older generations,

NADRA’s Chairman Muhammad Tariq Malik made the remarks after the launch of “Tasdeeq service” on Thursday.

The five banks to revert back to using security questions include MCB, Allied Bank, Bank Al Falah, Bank of Khyber, and Soneri Bank while a number of other banks are trialling the idea.

Customers will be asked three verifiable personal questions in two attempts to be authorised. Support from the banking sector in offering this service has been well received by citizens.

The KYC system will be built on artificial intelligence (AI) to generate questions using collected personal data in the NADRA database.