Biometrics firm Morpho has been named among the top three payment card technology developers in an industry survey.Conducted by market intelligence company ABI Research, the survey praised Morpho's ability to serve localized markets and decisively position itself for new opportunities in emerging markets.Meanwhile, analysts noted the firm's track record in biometrics.”Morpho's strength in biometrics is a standout differentiation factor, enabling it to leverage its expertise to provide additional authentication measures to improve and reinforce security around mobile and e-banking registration,” said Phil Sealy, Senior Analyst at ABI Research.”Morpho stands in a strong position to leverage its biometric expertise and product line to enhance authentication security. Morpho assists banks in ensuring security and building user trust in an ever more digital and mobile world through biometric identification and strong authentication platforms, from Know Your Customer (KYC, or registration) to routine transactions and contracting. Morpho's products and solutions support banks to verify customer identity with their biometrics in order to provide access to sensitive resources or services and prevent identity theft and fraud.” Arnaud Jullien, Vice President Payment Cards and Services at Morpho said: “We are proud to be recognized as being part of the top three players in payment card technology by ABI research. This confirms that we are extremely well positioned to support our customers with a complete and innovative portfolio of solutions to make life safer and easier in an increasingly digital and connected world.”