French biometrics firm Morpho has revealed MorphoRapID, a mobile ID device developed for law enforcement, border control, immigration, and airport security officers who need to have autonomous operational capabilities in their hands. Using Morpho's fingerprint and face matching algorithms, and featuring multiple credential readers, MorphoRapID 2 enables professionals to perform real-time operations in the field.Equipped with a fingerprint sensor certified FAP 30 by the FBI, and a high resolution camera, it enables remote identification, by capturing and transmitting to an ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) an unknown subject's fingerprints or portrait, then receiving match results. MorphoRapID 2 ( is fully integrated into the Morpho Criminal Justice Suite and handles multiple searches simultaneously.It also enables on device identification by matching a person's fingerprints against those previously stored in local watch lists in the device's memory.Finally, MorphoRapID 2 verifies ID documents, by comparing the biometric data embedded in the document with the holder's live fingerprint or portrait capture. Supported credentials include contact and contactless ID cards or driving licenses, 2D barcodes, as well as e-passports.Handheld and 4G wireless, MorphoRapID 2 combines high performance identification capabilities with modern smartphone-like features (Android operating system, large color touchscreen) for quick user adoption. Its easy grip and sturdy design are suited for extensive use under demanding conditions.Samuel Fringant, Executive Vice President of Morpho's Security division, said: “Our new generation mobile ID device results from the highly valued feedback received from our worldwide customer base. It has been designed to anticipate market needs, for controlling identities in the field. We are preparing the first deployments for customers in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.”