Centre for State Information Resources 'Registru' (CSIR) is deploying an integrated biometric enrolment solution provided by Vision-Box to update and modernise the process of issuing identity documents across its offices countrywide. Registru is a state-owned enterprise that holds the exclusive rights to produce and issue identity documents to the nation's citizens. In addition to the production and issuance of paper-based security printing products and various types of plastic cards, the company has expertise in developing, maintaining and keeping the main state registers, with the State Register of Population underpinning the creation of Moldova's National Passport System in 1995. Registru chose Vision-Box to deploy an enrolment solution based on its vb e-pass desktops across 55 registration offices. The units have an automated height adjustment camera capturing a fully ICAO-compliant facial image of the person when the eyes are detected for perfect camera alignment, and fingerprint capture that has animated instructions on the embedded LCD screen displayed to the applicant. The process is completed by electronically signing on the embedded pad, legally certifying the biometric capture process and as a final validation of the data. The solution will integrate with Registru's infrastructure and be built on the privacy-by-design principle, meaning that information will be protected and cross-matched, and the security of critical data used in all stages of document production will be guaranteed to safeguard citizens' personal information.