Security technology company MeReal Biometrics has announced a new partnership with French access control and security solution provider EuroStation.EuroStation, a provider of security solutions to hotel groups, casinos and television production companies, will now offer the revolutionary MeReal Biometrics powered fingerprint smartcard in its service offering.The patented MeReal Biometrics technology offers flexibility like no other. The card not only performs in contact and contactless mode but it also emits an acoustic signature, all powered by a rechargeable built-in battery. Depending on company and government policies, the cards can be programmed to perform some functions that are secured by the fingerprint sensor, but the card may also perform other tasks without a biometric match.”Demand is high for biometric access control in a card and this product ticks all the crucial boxes, unlike others in the market. The MeReal Biometrics card offers privacy and convenience to users, it complies with company security policies and, because it works in multiple modes, it answers the varying requirements of different government regulators concerning the use of an individual's biometric data for access,” said EuroStation's founder and chief executive officer, Mr Eric Perrein.”We view this partnership with EuroStation as an excellent way to accelerate our entrÉe into the access control market in Europe and beyond. EuroStation has its own partnerships with well-known distributors and an impressive list of B2B customers, many with expanding global operations. Now we have our foot in the door and will work our way up,” said Mr Patrick Partouche, chairman of MeReal Biometrics Ltd.Through distributors and direct relationships, EuroStation searches the world for the latest access control and security solutions for their customers – global hotel chains, casino groups, banks, retail chains, television studios and reality TV production houses – many of which have operations outside of France. Founded in 2005, EuroStation is headquartered in La Rochelle on France's southwest coast.