ID management firm Mentalix announces that the FBI has certified that J2K API Toolkit meets the compression accuracy requirements in the NIST Special Publication 500-300, a revolutionary certification process for JPEG 2000 Codec compliance.JPEG 2000 is the industry standard for 1000 ppi compression, and while previous JPEG 2000 certification relied on self-testing and self-reporting, the newly instated NIST certification process ensures conformance with the NIST Special Publication 500-289 recommended parameters for JPEG 2000 compression in an operational environment.Mentalix is one of the earliest adopters of this new certification, which includes compression in both lossy 10:1 and lossless modes, and will be increasingly important as fingerprint capture transitions from 500 ppi to 1000 ppi. In a world where fingerprinting has become a primary form of identification for everything from consumer electronics to law enforcement, the NIST JPEG certification represents a new benchmark for accuracy and security, promising an even higher confidence in the forensic comparison of fingerprints.”Accountability is absolutely crucial when it comes to biometrics,” said Mentalix Chief Technology Officer Dale Remmers, “and it's something we take very seriously. We're not just invested in our products, we're invested in the people who use them. Their success is crucial to ours. If there is a higher standard, we owe it to each user to meet that standard.”