The migration of driver’s licenses and IDs to Google smartphones is improving inclusion in Georgia. People who suffer with mobility problems and cannot visit a physical centre to collect their state-issued ID can access more secure mobile ID to prove their identity. Digital driver’s licenses are more fraud-resistant and privacy-minding than physical card, allowing the user to have control over what information is shared. While the U.S. lacks a national identity card, individual states for example Virginia and New York have adopted the digital driving license and strengthened inclusion in localised identity programmes as well as bolstering regulation.

Spencer R. Moore, DDS Commissioner said: “Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) is committed to embracing new technology that will help all customers enhance their daily lives.  A very important advantage of the new digital application is to empower individuals with disabilities”.

Four U.S. states have now accepted ID added to Apple’s digital ID wallet on iPhones.

Image source: Getty images