Foil based security and surface embellishment supplier Kurz will display its new security solution Kinegram designed for government documents and banknotes at an upcoming trade show, alongside a new Mobile e-Gate and its Kinegram OMA (Optical Machine Authentication).Stephen Pratt, Kurz's managing director for Australia and New Zealand, says, "Along with the rest of the world, Australia is rolling out digital identity and biometrics solutions at an increasing rate. These include digital driver's licenses, e-Gates and other biometric scanning solutions. In a digital world your physical identity now matters more than ever as these trusted documents are still used to verify who you are."With this increased importance on the physical identity documents as the foundation for your trusted ID, why is security on these documents not being improved? In my presentation, I will be exploring the problem of identity theft and outlining what can be done to protect and verify physical identity documents using Kurz Kinegram technologies, and how these physical identity tokens can be linked to your digital identity."Kinegram is a proprietary foil based Optical Variable Device (OVD) which is used to secure and protect government documents including drivers licences, passports and banknotes (including Australia's) in more than 120 countries. The distinguishing characteristic of the Kinegram is movement, the company says, with the product giving movement of light, colour or shine (reflectiveness) across a given design.The optically variable elements are fully transparent and can be lines or images, rainbow coloured or matt, changing to and from a variety of colours, or be seemingly three dimensional, and on a passport or licence can even be transparent replicas of the main portrait photograph. Kurz says the possibilities it gives designers are endless, with the application of optical science married to advanced foil technology. Kurz will also be showcasing its new Mobile e-Gate, which it says allows users to verify physical identity tokens such as passports and driver's licences against the person standing in front of them, their Secure ID and other personal documentation using their phone via a three step process. The company is also displaying Kinegram OMA (Optical Machine Authentication), used to verify the Kinegram on a government document.The firm will showcase the tech at the Digital ID Show in Canberra, an exhibition that's set to take place at the National Convention Centre in Canberra this week, on August 7-8.