Next Biometrics has announced that the company`s One Touch Access readers have been selected by Key Source International (KSI) for inclusion in its products. Initial volumes have been shipped.The NEXT Biometrics One Touch Access readers integrate nicely into KSI`s plug-and-play 1700 line of keyboards. Compatible with leading Single Sign-on (SSO) platforms, KSI 1700 series keyboards with integrated One Touch Access will enable fast logon-logoff to end users and the assurance of multifactor authentication to IT administrators.”Our partnership with KSI allows for an improved user experience, with rapid network access and superior data entry on low profile keys that speed workflow,” said Alain Faburel, NEXT Biometrics Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “As communicated in our January business update, we are in the process of strengthening our presence in the identity and access management segment. Collaboration with KSI as a leading player in this sector is an important accomplishment.”NEXT Biometrics One Touch Access readers operate on Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. They seamlessly integrate into the Windows Biometric Framework and can be installed within minutes, offering fast and reliable authentication. The Microsoft Windows Hello ready readers come with a USB 2.0 full-speed port and automatically download and install the latest drivers from Windows Update Service once connected.Addition of the NEXT One Touch Access readers to the KSI 1700 series` patented keyboard technology will result in compliant, multifactor solutions that benefit a broad spectrum of vertical markets, including banking, insurance, finance, government, telecommunications, workforce management, public safety, and whenever foolproof authentication is critical.”Delivery of quality technology to end users around the world is our heritage, and customer satisfaction our philosophy,” said KSI National Sales Manager Deanne VanKirk. “The excellent performance and reliability of NEXT's sensor technology was key to our decision to add it to our portfolio of award-winning multifactor solutions that includes an innovative line of smart keyboards.”