JENETRIC will present its latest product for the mobile enrollment of high-quality fingerprints in ten-print format at connect:ID, one of the world's most important identity and biometric conferences. The mobile solution includes the FBI and BSI certified FAP 60 tenprint scanner, LIVETOUCH QUATTRO Compact, as well as a secure, robust and easy-to-use case for the officer's smartphone.Special focus in the design of this solution was placed on the safety of the officer when operating the device. Thus, despite a wired connection between the fingerprint scanner and the mobile phone, there is no visible cable or manual connection to make. There is also no need for a separate connection between the two devices – when the smartphone is pushed into the case, it is securely connected to the scanner and immediately ready for use. Furthermore, the foldable, snap- in design of the LIVETOUCH Flipcase allows the operator to capture fingerprints with one hand only. Hence, there is always one hand available for the officer's operation and safety. While in operation the smartphone's display is only facing the operator – unwanted glances at the smartphone are therefore impossible. Whether in open or closed position, the smartphone is always usable for taking facial images, reading passports, or sending and receiving data. An additional battery is not required for the fingerprint scanner – the power supply is conveniently provided by the smartphone.”With the LIVETOUCH Flipcase, we have succeeded in combining the increasing and diverse requirements for mobile identity verification based on fingerprints in a single device: the use of commercially available smartphones, an FBI-certified FAP 60 scanner and a compact and secure connection between the two devices.” says Roberto Wolfer, CEO of JENETRIC. “The new device combination addresses the growing demand for non- stationary enrollment and verification of identity anywhere, at any time, without compromising on fingerprint quality. The LIVETOUCH Flipcase is ideal for border control, law enforcement, and commercial applications where mobility, superior fingerprint image quality and operator safety are critical considerations.Connect:ID takes place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC from March 11 – 12, 2020 and Jenetric will present its entire product portfolio, which combines mobility, multifunctionality and ease-of-use, at booth no. 218.