An Italian firm plans to use face recognition with autonomous vehicles.NEXT Future Transportation, a modular vehicle solutions provider and Digital Barriers, which expertises in wireless video streaming and deep learning-based facial recognition, are working on the project.According to, the partnership will enable the development of a new user experience in mobility where your face becomes your secure access to a number of connected services and in-vehicle preferences. At the same time, the adoption of live video streaming will enhance safety and security features, which will accelerate innovative solutions, and a collaborative environment with municipal stakeholders.”We want to help NEXT provide its customers with a more secure, enhanced user experience whilst also better understanding the status of individual vehicles to enhance fleet security, and create tailored services and solutions that can be customized for each user,” said Zak Doffman, CEO, Digital Barriers.”Through our new technology partnership with Digital Barriers, we will gain better insights to provide safer, cleaner and more courteous public transportation, further motivating commuters to use our services, including end-to-end multi-modal travel,” said Emmanuele Spera, CEO, NEXT Future Transportation.