Iris-focused biometrics firm IriTech has launched an enterprise version of its time and attendance software targeted at medium- and large-sized companies.The version includes new features such as a new database management system (My SQL) to support for large scale databases, uses back-end matching software and can handle virtually unlimited database.Previoulsy, the software utilized the IriShield camera's on-board matcher for iris recognition functions and thus its database size was limited to 500 employees.Justin Ryu, Marketing Director of IriTech, said the release is part of plans to target the Indian biometric attendance market first, where IriTech's time & attendance system has been deployed successfully by many government agencies.According to the online portal running by Indian government, as of May 2015, there are up to 521 government agencies in India registered for biometric attendance equal to 123,457 employees and 2,548 active biometric devices.