JURA and IQ Structures launched a joined solution that accelerates the preparation of ID projects, simplify approval processes and supports smooth cooperation between graphical designers and Security experts. Ministries, authorities, integrators and other clients will be able to create the complete design of polycarbonate ID cards on their own, instead of complicated process across organizations. Moreover, there is no need to make compromises between exclusive look and Security anymore. ID cards have been often designed in cooperation between many organizations and units. Finding the right compromise between different views has been critical. It is essential the national symbols are treated appropriately, and with dignity, and that holders are proud of their beautiful ID cards. On the other hand, the Security aspect is even more critical. The protection elements need to cover all essential information and be intuitive for inspectors.With the new solution, ID card designing is transformed into quite an easy process. The designer places visual elements, such as national symbols, and, at the same time, different Security elements. The designer can also decide what spaces are protected against counterfeiting and tampering with transparent and metallic holograms.The solution is based on technologies with leading positions in the global market.JURA security printing software products are used by more than 100 governmental and licensed security printers all over the world. These products cover a broad range of visible and covert optical anti-counterfeit protection features, such as guilloches, microtext and security patterns.IQproID is a leading holographic solution for anti-counterfeit protection of polycarbonate cards. Its high level of securing is based on full integration of hologram into the card without any heterogenous adhesive. During lamination, melted polycarbonate flows through a hologram divided into small pieces. High brightness of holograms for at least ten years is also among key benefits of IQproID.IQ Structures´origination centre, recently awarded by double victory in „Excellence in Holography 2018" by International Holograms Manufacturing Association, bring unique effects, including smoothly plastic illusion objects on transparent holograms, small animations, upstream moves etc.JURA and IQ Structures already produced „ID card of Olympus deity" to demonstrate the benefits of this combination of technologies. Extensive, transparent hologram with traditional Greek ornaments reaches up to the edge of the card. This hologram protects holder picture, name, sex, birth date, expiration date and document number. Holder signature is protected with a standalone metallic hologram. Picture of Pallas Athena with three metallic holograms demonstrates precise coordination between security printing and holograms. Higher aesthetic value and more robust protection against tampering thus enhance the standard of ID documents to a new level.Robert Dvorak, the Director of Security Division in IQ Structures said: "For ensuring that technology investment results in more robust document protection, security experts must focus on their job rather than endless discussions about design. Today announced solution can eliminate or mitigate troubles that often happen during the preparation phase of ID project when too many people comment and their comments are relevant."Barna Barabas, Deputy Managing Director of Jura commented: "Our security printing portfolio is already one of the best available on the world market. Our clients who design high security documents, including polycarbonate cards, can now apply also transparent and metallic holograms and thus create even more powerful solutions."