Innovatrics is introducing Biometric Ecosystem, a platform for the intelligent linking of independent multimodal technologies and extensive customer-based services to form a highly-reliable network.Encompassing components for client-side ID document capture and verified enrollment, central biometric storage and matching, and real-time facial recognition, systems integrators and end users can build powerful identity management applications for government, law enforcement, and enterprise use cases.As organizations gravitate towards biometrics for recording identity, there's an increasing need for better customer onboarding, more secure people registration for government and civil registries used in border control, elections, or welfare distribution, and more trustworthy face recognition systems to quickly identify potential security threats. Unfortunately, most biometrics solutions resort to a disjointed approach. They are often limited to the scope for which they were specifically designed, unable to communicate with each other. What Makes a Biometric Ecosystem?Leading the biometrics industry for over 15 years, Innovatrics has cultivated a complex Biometric Ecosystem consisting of three stand-alone platforms that can be seamlessly integrated: Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS), Digital Onboarding Toolkit (DOT), and Smartface.Complementing these highly-rated technologies is a comprehensive web of training, educational materials (data sheets, case studies, newsletters, and the like), consultation, and remote and onsite 24/7 support, efficiently combining cutting-edge technology and extensive customer care applicable to any use case scenario.Biometric Ecosystem in Action: EnterpriseInnovatrics' Biometric Ecosystem allows a customer to have a truly seamless, hassle-free experience. Through the mobile app, the client can quickly and easily be onboarded, and gain access to the account via a selfie login.The data is stored in ABIS, which performs deduplication to make sure the individual hasn't been registered under a different name. Acting as the central brain, ABIS can be used in server-based authentication, which is instrumental in loan processing and financing where proper vetting is crucial. Meanwhile, Smartface can utilize CCTV cameras installed in banks or offices to monitor and detect suspicious behavior on the premises. The live face detection can verify if that person is already in the ABIS database, and can send alerts, thereby preventing fraud or theft in real time. Once a specific pattern is defined, such as multiple visits to different branches, Smartface can also issue warnings. Further, since it communicates with ABIS, the identity of the person in question is revealed.Similarly, Smartface can also identify the arrival of certain executives, clients or guests, alerting the staff of their presence detected through live video streams. As such, the staff can offer the highest level of customer service and attention possible.ABIS, DOT and Smartface are state-of-the-art platforms that can each act independently, but together, they create a multi-faceted Biometric Ecosystem providing any organization with a full-package solution for onboarding, face recognition, and identity management. Beyond Technology and InnovationBy building this sophisticated Biometric Ecosystem across multiple platforms, the ultimate goal is to move towards a more secure and trustworthy environment regardless of the organization. Convenience, safety, peace of mind, efficiency, and social order are maintained in this environment through the effective use of biometric technology minus the need for multiple suppliers.”Although we're very much focused on technology, Innovatrics is not only about its core products,” explained Peter Martis, Innovatrics Business Development Director, at the recently concluded BioCon Innovatrics Partner Conference. “We listen and care about our partners and customers-that is how our biometric ecosystem came into existence. The technology was already there; it was a matter of connecting the dots, making our products essentially talk to each other to build a system which is so much more effective and powerful because each solution is smartly implemented together to maximize profitability and efficiency.”