IN Groupe (formerly Imprimerie Nationale) entered into exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of Surys, which specializes in authentication solutions for identity and fiduciary documents and the fight against counterfeiting.Provider of identity solutions and secure digital services, partner of the French State for nearly 500 years, IN Groupe (formerly Imprimerie Nationale) has announced that it entered into exclusive negotiations with shareholders of Surys to buy back this French anti-counterfeiting company. Surys is specialized in opto-digital authentication and document security. She has developed expertise in the authentication and protection of variable data in documents, as well as in image analysis and fingerprinting algorithms.With the objective of "consolidating the maintenance of a French sector in terms of identity for the benefit of French identity documents and documents", IN Groupe explains that it wants to acquire Surys technology for its activities as secure components for securities. identity and banking activities, for its biometric solutions, as well as to complete its digital identity and traceability offers for sensitive products.