Healthcare identity firm Imprivata has launched a palm-vein scanning solution that creates a one-to-one link between patients and their correct medial record in their provider's electronic health record (EHR) system.Known as Imprivata PatientSecure, the solution directly integrates with healthcare information systems to improve patient safety and satisfaction, eliminate duplicate medical records and overlays, drive revenue cycle efficiency, and safeguard against identity theft and medical fraud.”Patient misidentification is fast becoming one of the biggest challenges facing care delivery organizations as they grapple with the growing need to combat increased attempts at identity theft and insurance fraud while also trying to reduce duplicate medical records and patient identification mistakes,” said David Wiener, general manager, Imprivata PatientSecure Products Group.”As our healthcare system continues to digitize, enabling care delivery organizations to leverage a simple and secure identification platform is critical to enhancing the patient experience and addressing the growing medical identity theft and insurance fraud nationally.”In May, Imprivata has acquired HT Systems, a provider of palm-vein based biometric patient identification systems, to enter into the emerging patient identification market.Imprivata says the acquisition supports Imprivata's goal to support security solutions that increase provider productivity, enable patient engagement, and improve patient safety. HT Systems has developed a PatientSecure biometric patient identification technology, using Fujitsu palm vein scanners.