ImageWare Systems and its partner Contactable, a trusted identity-as-a-service provider, commenced biometric deployment in December providing one of the world's largest mobile network operator's customers a seamless and secure identity proofing and authentication experience.The joint solution will verify and manage user digital identity and Know Your Customer compliance for their mobile money solution in South Africa. User identity assurance is crucial for this telecommunications company, which has merged telecom services with mobile financial services, allowing its customers to complete banking activities, such as the ability to transfer money utilizing their phones.”The fusion of ImageWare's biometric solutions and Contactable's federated digital identity platform to satisfy this project is exciting,” said Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems Chairman and CEO. “Our Biometric Engine was developed with scalability in mind, and this project provides another great opportunity to showcase how quickly and reliably we can authenticate users despite the immense number of identities being verified. Contactable's identity and ecosystem platform provides us the ability to utilize biometrics across the entire customer ecosystem managed on the Contactable platform.”Shaun Strydom, CEO of Contactable, emphasizes, “Incorporating ImageWare's secure yet easy-to-use multi-modal biometric authentication solutions is essential for the adoption and success of this identity authentication and regulatory compliance process.”After the initial order was received earlier this month, ImageWare completed pre-production testing of its biometric identity proofing, authentication, and anti-spoofing platforms and will roll these out in 2020.