Identiv has announced that its uTrust TS ScramblePad Government Reader is now included on the US government's FICAM Approved Products List (APL). The General Services Administration (GSA) lab, which is part of the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Testing Program, has evaluated and approved Identiv's uTrust TS ScramblePad.According to Identiv, the uTrust TS ScramblePad is a significant update to the company's scrambling keypad door reader for high-security government and commercial entryways. The update modernises its predecessor by adding new high-security features, including support for more than 1,500 credentials such as PIV, PIV-I, CAC, FICAM E-PACS, PKI, DESFire EV1, MIFARE, and PLAID. Using open communication protocol standards such as Wiegand, RS-485 (OSDP), and Ethernet networking (including PoE), the uTrust TS ScramblePad offers migration from the previous ScramblePads to RS-485, or Ethernet-based FICAM E-PACS compliance.Identiv's uTrust TS Government Readers are specifically designed for US government customers to support any existing building access system. Featuring high security with an inbuilt secure processor certified to EAL 6+, uTrust TS Readers support all major commercial and government access credentials, including US government PIV, PIV-I, and CAC."The Hirsch ScramblePad has been an icon of high security," says Jason Hart, CEO, Identiv. "With more than 50,000 readers deployed in the field, many agencies will be updating readers on legacy systems to select RS-485 or Ethernet for CAK in the future. With its addition to the APL, the uTrust TS ScramblePad is a direct, cost-effective replacement for all existing, non-compliant readers."