Augmented Identity firm Idemia has announced that its contactless OneLook device for rapid capture, matching and processing of face and iris biometrics, earned top scores in all three performance categories in the 2018 Biometric Technology Rally, hosted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T).Biometric Capture and Identification systems from participating organizations were tested for user satisfaction, effectiveness (capture capability and matching capability) and efficiency (throughput). OneLook was the only face/iris system that scored among the top three systems tested at the rally.OneLook offers a new approach to capture and identification through a single, easy-to-use, at-a-distance biometric capture device that provides rapid capture, matching and processing. Requiring little involvement from users, OneLook can be integrated into an existing customer touchpoint, such as a self-service kiosk, or provided as a turnkey solution for integration into a gate or counter.S&T's first Biometric Technology Rally, held in March 2018, with results published in late July, used a standard security checkpoint process, which require speed and reliability, to test the ability of biometric identity systems to acquire and match images from a diverse volunteer population within a realistic time constraint.Six of the eleven companies that participated entered unimodal biometric face-only systems. IDEMIA was among the five companies that competed with a multimodal biometric face/iris system to provide an enhanced level of authentication – more effectively addressing the need for accurate identification in high-security environments. Among the results:User SatisfactionOneLook achieved the highest user satisfaction rating among face/iris stations with a 93% scoreOne Look ranked in the top three among all eleven companies – demonstrating the simplicity of use for this multimodal systemEffectivenessOneLook was the only face/iris system that met the rally threshold of obtaining a less than 5% "failed to acquire face images" (face FtAR) metric within 20 secondsOneLook achieved the highest score among face/iris systems for the true identification rate of iris images (iris mTIR) within both 5 and 20 second testing scenariosEfficiencyAmong face/iris stations, OneLook registered the second best score with a transaction processing time under nine seconds."The outstanding performance of OneLook at the Biometric Technology Rally continues IDEMIA's over four decades of leadership in the industry and is a testament to developing the best available solutions for public security, civil identity and border control challenges," said Donnie Scott, Senior Vice President, Public Security for North America at IDEMIA. "OneLook now joins our long string of successes in product competitions as the ideal mutimodal biometric solution for high-volume identification use cases in which accuracy, speed and reliability are required. "