In an upcoming webinar in the Festival of Identity, a representative of Augmented Identity firm Idemia will explore the global shift to a more digitalised society.The event will look at how society is becoming increasingly digitalized and connected. At the same time, the need to authenticate ourselves in the physical and digital world has never been so true due to the current situation."The global shift to a more digitalized society represents a real opportunity for governments to implement a trusted digital ID scheme. To unlock the full value of digital citizen ID, governments and private partners must create a secure chain to ensure adoption and confidence from both citizens and service providers. "Striking the perfect balance between security and convenience will enable governments to deliver new smooth citizen experiences.This session is kindly sponsored by Idemia – Tuesday, May 26th 2020 – 2:00 PM (BST).The guest speaker is Pierre Lelievre, Senior Vice President for Digital ID, Public Security & Identity, IDEMIA, France.To register for the event, click here.